TV Licence is a joke 1

The TV licence is a joke. The BBC are a private company and the fact they harass and force money from people is criminal!

A corporation is not a living entity and has no rights to make demands on anyone.

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One thought on “TV Licence is a joke

  • BG

    It’s Easy !

    I haven’t had a TV for years and don’t miss it one bit.

    That doesn’t stop the TV goons threatening me with court and unexpected visits.
    I got sick of the letters and the tone of them was becoming outrageous, so, I decided to stop them by removing the Implied right of access.

    I wanted to get it right, so, before calling them up I watched a load of Youtube videos of people doing it and sat down with a sheet of A4 paper and a sharpie, made a few notes so I didn’t forget what I wanted to say if the call got heated and I got
    I gave them the address and the reference number which was on one of their threatening letters.
    They asked for my name but I refused to give it to them and made one up.
    It took around 10 minutes, they tried a few times to get my name, I kept to my notes and refused,

    They acknowledged the removal of their implied right of access but said they might visit anyway. I told them that made no sense and if I received even one more visit or letter I would be issuing them with a demand for payment for my time.

    They guy on the other end was obviously reading from a script on his computer screen and said that they would not be paying me as they didn’t have a contract with me. At this point I told him to cut and paste this part of his script into the part where it asked why I didn’t have a TV license.

    Job done. I put the phone down. A letter came addressed to the made up name I’d given them and saying they wouldn’t be contacting me again for 2 years.

    If / when they send anything to me after 2 years I intend to return it unopened with NO CONTRACT written on the envelope.