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Doing more research on speeding fines, I have just found an article that has put a massive smile on my face. Below is a few snippets.

“Magistrates had no choice but to find Phillip Dennis, of Whitford, Flintshire, not guilty of speeding when his case was heard on Thursday.”

“It is an offence not to complete the form and name the driver – but the owner does not have to sign it.

If the form has not been signed, the courts cannot take any notice of it.”

“The driver had provided the information required of him but there was no requirement under that section of the law for the form to be signed.”

OMG! This was in court. Floodgates anyone?

They need your signature otherwise it is not legally binding and they can’t force you to do that. It’s the same if they pull you over for speeding. You don’t have to sign and you don’t have to take the paperwork off them.

This is MASSIVE anyone can now try this method and quote Phillip Dennis case.

This shows, in no uncertain terms, that they need your consent and for you to contract with them through your signature, before they can legally deal with you.

I don’t have to worry about my ‘Statutory Duty’ research now.


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