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It’s surprising to me how quickly the net has been thrown over the idea of sovereignty, legal fiction or self governance by the mainstream. There are websites and documents turning up all over the place stating that we are all wrong and that the courts do have a right to call you in and tell you to sit or stand, speak when spoken to, don’t ask about your rights etc.. I’m sorry but there is no document in the world that can prove this. And if you believe that just because it is written down on a pice of paper it must be true. Then whatever God you believe in. Help you!

We are all innocent until proven guilty! We are all equal in the eyes of the law!

If you understand this, then you understand that no one, not even the Queen herself can tell you what to do. So why should that change when you get a summons to court? If you haven’t broken any laws and you’re in court for a speeding ticket or something similar- then you can do what you want. As long as you stay within the law. You could walk out if you wanted to and there is nothing they could do. Doesn’t this awaken in you the possibility that when it comes to the legal system, they have no power? Legal and Lawful are two completely different things! That’s why the have different names.

You are the only one of its kind on this planet and sovereign over yourself! I shouldn’t have to tell people this. It’s obvious! You only have the masters you allow to reign over you. Like having a boss for example. A mutual agreement that for 8-9 hours a day you allow someone else to tell you what to do. You can however walk out anytime you want, because it needs both parties to agree.

It’s such a simple concept that it doesn’t need to be written down but yet people tell me all the time that I am wrong and just talking pseudolegal rubbish. Both hands, palms to face, head down.

It’s like there is something deep in the human programming that wants us to always return to the mainstream ideas and chastise ourselves for ever believing in that twaddle. Age and a lack of a healthy marijuana habit seem to contribute as well. I don’t mean to be controversial here but if you are heading towards your 30’s and considering giving up weed in favour of an alcohol only drug diet, then it seem obvious to me that your critical thinking will change as well. I am nearly 40 and I have seen this change in over 90% of my friends who partook in the drug.

Also, the amount of people I have seen over the years do a ton of research into a subject and then one mainstream document or documentary comes out belittling and supposedly “proving the alternative ideas wrong”, they change. Overnight! Years or research vs one mainstream document or documentary. Huh! Every decent argument I have heard against say 911, or the legal fiction always belittle the ideas and make fun of anyone who believes and I think this is their strongest weapon.

Nobody wants to be a fool. So when highly educated people get onto TV talking to experts in a slick, high-end documentary endorsed by the BBC for example, and laugh at the idea of conspiracies and conspiracy theorist. I think some people look back at the low end documentaries they watched on youtube and start to have a deep embarrassment that they ever believed in anything else.

I think what I am trying to say here is that there are some things that are fundamental such as; air is free, gravity works, you will die and NO ONE HAS DOMAIN OVER YOU! NO ONE! This shouldn’t even have to be a debate. If someone does have domain over you and you did not consent. Then you are a slave!

We can and will debate till the cows come home about 911 but personal sovereignty is fundamental!


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