Car registration

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You do not need to register your car, nor have number plates, nor car tax – you don’t even have to have a drivers license. Just ask yourself this – How can anyone have authority over me or tell me what to do if I don’t give them that authority? Think about it! If we are all equal in the eyes of the law and everyone is innocent until proven guilty then how can anyone, police, a judge, government even the Queen have power over you?

The simple answer is they do not. It is all mass trickery. They make up the rules and then expect you to blindly follow, adding more and more ways to fine you and steal your money. Especially when it comes to cars and driving. We are all free human-beings with inalienable rights and it is time we stood up and made sure the powers to be know this.

Look on youtube for – ‘The right to travel’ also ask yourself why dose my logbook say registered keeper and not registered owner.


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