Screwing the system?



Is the documentary just going to teach people how to borrow money and then just screw the banks by using loop holes in the system to essentially get away with theft?

First off we do not endorse anyone using this information just to get loans and not pay them. We endorse being debt free and staying that way.

The purpose of the documentary is to educate people on how the system works. Something that we should all be taught at school. We should also be taught about the law and how society actually works too. The fact that we are not is criminal!

It’s akin to not being taught how to count accurately. Then every shop or corporation you deal with could screw you out of your change and you would be none the wiser. This is exactly what they are doing when they neglect to teach you about the law and your rights. Now any company you deal with can threaten and intimidate you or even push you to the point of suicide. All because you do not know how to deal with them when all other options have run out.

As for the banks and money. What we all must fundamentally understand is that they commit fraud, in my opinion, when they lend you that money. The money is yours! I know this sounds nuts if you are new to this, but you create the money when you sign for it. This will all be covered in the documentary but you can look it up for yourself. Not one person will take liability for the loan on the banks side.

Try this! Call your credit card company and say “I want to pay off my credit card. Can you send me a signed invoice and I’ll pay it off?” They will say this “We can’t send you an invoice but we can send you statement.” No one wants to take liability because it is a fraud!

So to say that we are teaching people how to screw the system is wrong. If you want to take part, play their game and abide by the their rules and you have the money, then that it’s fine with me. I also play the game to certain degree by insuring and taxing my car. I don’t have to, but the hassle I would receive from the police makes it not worth it.

It is all about choosing your battles. If you have no money, owe large debts and your back’s against the wall, then you have two choices; 1. Let them bankrupt you and take all your valuable property or 2. Stand your ground and fight back using their own rules against them.They will use word trickery and fraud to get what they want from you (all proven. Just look at some of the post on this on this site regarding fake letters for a start) so why can’t we legally and lawfully pick them up on this to nullify any agreements we made with them?

Believe it or not the world will survive without this banking system based on debt, misery and keeping the rich even richer.

Remember when it comes to banking, loses are socialised and profits are privatised. This cannot be fair!


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