Straight from the Police

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Watch this one through to the end – it’s always good hearing it from the horses mouth.

Listen for the distinctions between a civil dispute (legal) and the law. Bailiffs, debt collectors etc have to adhere to the law, the legal system and their own rules.

You can keep them in constant check if not checkmate, by refusing entry or just not answering the door. What can they do? I’ll tell you, lots of nothing, that’s what they can do. You’ll just get a letter saying they have past the debt back as they are unable to collect or sell it to another company.

If you are being harassed, don’t be afraid because its just a game and nothing personal. They have been trained just to see you as a corporation, a business as it were, and that’s what they are going after, not you.

Like vampires, they can only come in if you invite them and after that as they wish. So DO NOT let them in. EVER! The word today is FORCE. They can never use force to collect money and you should remind any bailiff or debt collector that comes to your door.

(only unpaid criminal fines, income tax or stamp duty can force be used against a property to collect money and only as a lat resort)

Don’t ignore debt collectors! Get onto and start to take a stand.


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